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  1. C


    For sale is my LIKE NEW DJI Osmo w/ Zenmuse X3 and an additional 2 extra DJI intelligent batteries. The camera was only used ONCE during a 3 day trip to San Francisco. Other than that it has been in storage. Wasn't a big fan of it and just purchased the new Osmo Pocket. Comes with all original...
  2. unyks

    VW California club meet 2017 Lake Garda Italy

    Hi, my 2nd attempt to make a video. Footage was shot with an Inspire 1, Mavic Pro and Osmo Mobile (iPhone 7 Plus). Post was made in FCPX. Enjoy & turn up the volume! Chris
  3. T

    Snowboarding video at Air + Style in L.A.

    Our company was hired to provide drone footage at the Air + Style event in Los Angeles this past weekend. For most of the event, we used the Inspire 1 with dual operators to capture the snowboarding action. It was a pretty awesome event and a fun one to fly at. Here's the footage!
  4. D

    DJI Inspire 1 (v1.0) Revision D for Sale: $1100

    *** SOLD *** I am selling my "original version" DJI Inspire 1 (revision D) quadcopter. It includes: - Aircraft - Remote controller - Zenmuse X3 camera and gimbal w/protective clear filter - Lexmark 16GB microSD card - 1 TB47 battery - 2 DJI battery chargers - 2 complete sets of 1345s props (2...
  5. Trey Player

    Epic shot!

  6. Trey Player

    Inspire on Endor - Redwood Forest, California

  7. richlee

    Southland (Exploring Southern California)

    Been shooting a bunch of stuff around Los Angeles over the past few months. Mostly Inspire with a little bit of Phantom 3 mixed in. Little POI of a palm tree part way though. New firmware is really exciting. I wanted to call it Los Angeles but someone beat me to the punch. :D