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  1. T

    Lynh Phan Carbon Props for Inspire 1

    Price is $90! Shipping from San Diego, CA only to the US. Condition: 8/10 Definitely has some signs of use on the props. The mounts are in great condition. These are the V4 version of his props and mounts. Selling because I have no longer use for it. Works great and improves battery life for my...
  2. L

    For Sale: Mounting Kit for Carbon Fiber Propellers. Fits Inspire 1 or 2, Matrice

    Advert removed by moderator pending approved vendor status
  3. Carey Bradshaw

    Need left carbon fiber lift arm

    Just smashed my inspire and I'm looking for replacement parts. 1) left carbon fiber lift arm (looking at the front) 2) left carbon fiber strut 3) right carbon fiber boom tube (no motors needed)