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care protection plan

  1. W

    *****LIKE NEW- DJI CARE****Selling Inspire 1 V2 with camera and DJI CARE!!!!!!! *****LIKE NEW

    Hey, im looking to sell my inspire 1 v2 drone. I am looking for a smaller drone. It has everything that comes in the box. It has been flown less than 20 times. It has DJI CARE. It is suppose to expire around December 26,2018. I am interested in a smaller drone. Like a phantom 4 pro. I am asking...
  2. Scotflieger

    New DJI Care Announced

    This appears on DJI Support Facebook page. It does not cover existing Inspire 1 v1 and Pro aircraft. Over the last 10 years, DJI has gone from strength to strength. All thanks to you, our customers. On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, to provide you with a better user experience and...