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ces 2017

  1. T

    CES 2017: GoPro Karma 2 in the Making?

    The Karma Returns & Interview Regarding the GoPro "Karma 2"? - WeTalkUAV
  2. We Talk UAV

    The Flying Egg-A Sunney Side Up to Drone Piloting or Cluckedup UAV

    Commercial UAVs usually have the same design as their competitors, but this year at CES 2017, PowerVision, an upcoming UAV company based in Beijing, China, surprised the crowds with their one of a kind designs and their professional drone release. Their floor demos captured audiences because it...
  3. M

    USA #CES2017 press conference with FAA Administrator

    In case any of you missed it.. There was an FAA Press Conference today at CES in Las Vegas with the FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. They have posted a video on the FAA facebook site. Thought you might enjoy. #CES2017 press conference with FAA Administrator Michael Huerta 需要安全验证