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  1. M

    DJI Inspire 1 for Sale

    Refurbished DJI Inspire 1 for sale. The drone had an ESC error when I bought it. The seller told me it was the front right (as you look at the drone) motor/ESC board that was the problem. I ended up swapping out all four motors and ESC boards. Outcome = No ESC Error. The drone can be seen flying...
  2. RobAlso

    PRICE REDUCED! Freefly Alta 6 For Sale! Full Package!

    Freefly Alta 6 for sale. Only used a handful of times. No crashes, no scratches, no damage. Package includes: - Alta 6 - Alta 6 Pelican Case - FUTABA T14SG Controller - SeCraft TX-Tray for T14SG - (10)10Ah Flight Packs (Drone Batteries) - eFuel 1200W/50A Power Supply (Drone Batteries) -...
  3. M

    WANTED: Used/Affordable DJI Battery Chargers for Inspire 1

    Greetings Inspire Pilots, *** Located in Indiana, USA. If you can assist with this matter, please send a private message directly with details and prices for whatever you have for sale, and your direct contact information. Currently seeking used/affordable DJI battery chargers (complete with...
  4. M

    Inspire 1 V2 Multi-charger failure

    We got the multi-charger 6 months ago and it worked fine, but in the last couple of months it only charges 1 battery then stops. We have 3 TB47s and one TB48. It doesn't seem to matter which combination of batteries are attached, nor how many (at least two!). It charges one, then stops. We have...
  5. A

    The ULTIMATE Inspire 2 battery charger

    Like many of you, I have struggled with charging Inspire 2 batteries in the field. With TWO batteries required for ONE flight, and the slow charge times from the OEM wall adapter + DJI charge hub it seemed the only option was to buy more batteries at $160 USD each ($320 USD per flight pack)...
  6. K

    Inspire 1 Smart Power Charger 100

    Please check out my Ebay listing. Inspire 1 Charger - Smart Power Charger 100 - Excellent Condition | eBay This unit was included with an used Inspire that I purchased. I already have two chargers but did test the unit on 5 day survey job. The unit performed great and I was able to...
  7. T

    Charging Hub

    DJI charging hub for TB47 & TB48. 12 months old, excellent condition, surplus to requirements. UK only please. £45.00 including postage. This item does not include the standard charging lead.
  8. A

    Lots of kit for sale. London UK

    Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. Let me know if you want it quickly (more expensive) or slowly (least expensive) I will shop around for the cheapest price in either case and will include insurance and tracking. Some of the kit is still under warranty so you will be provided with receipts...
  9. C

    DIY Charger Build Log

    hallo friend today i show DJI INSPIRE 1 CHARGER DIY component: MEAN WELL EPP-200 OD4020-12HSS ORION FANS according to datasheet, connector as follow: CN1 A/C - JST VHR 3POS CN2 DC - JST VHR 6POS CN101 (FAN POWER) - JST PHR-2 2POS crimp: type 1 CN101 type 2 CN1 AND CN2 PARALLEL ADAPTER...
  10. W

    Can battery charger be used in any country?

    I apologize if this has been covered in another thread. I couldn't find one by searching. I live in the US, and will be taking my Inspire to Ireland this summer. Can anyone who has taken his/her Inspire somewhere with different mains power tell me if I can use my battery charger as long as I use...