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  1. S

    SOLD - DJI TB-50 Battery Station + batteries

    Latest model TB-50 battery charging station for sale. Less than a year old and only used in the field a handful of times. (No dirt, sand or muck in the box like others I've seen) Purchased brand new from DJI 10 months ago and works like a charm. Wheels are in great shape and all cords and...
  2. Dejan Smaic

    Inspire 2 - Vehicle Charging

    Hi all, I am seeking some advice as to what inverters people are using to charge their Inspire 2 batteries. I currently use a 750 Watt inverter, which works well for the PHP4 Pro and Inspire 1, but seems to crash when charging the I2 batteries. Thanks Dejan
  3. C

    TB47 not charging

    Hey everyone, (warning: wall of text) I recently bought an Inspire 1 with three TB47s. The seller had them stored away for 4 months or so. One was swollen up a bit (it felt slightly soft on the sides), so I didn't try using that one at all. The other two turn on just fine (Showing very low...
  4. Parker

    Battery Charging Log App?

    New here, searched the General Discussions before I posted but didn't seem to find anything. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on an App that does a good job of tracking battery charges, discharges and life cycles? Just looking for something simple where I can input relevant data...