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  1. A

    Oklahoma City Weather Phenomenon

    Filmed this wall cloud approaching downtown OKC in the early morning of 6/21/2020.
  2. Sproesser

    Help needed: Flying in cities, advice for flying without getting in trouble

    I want to fly my Inspire 2 in big cities, but I am worried about getting in trouble. 1- Where do I take off with a noisy large Inspire 2? Parks? Parking lots? Where to not take off and land? 2- Do people tolerate such a large drone over their heads? How low or close is too close? 3- Flying over...
  3. A

    City, landscapes and car...

    We've shot this clip with X5R (without slow motion) in Poland last summer.
  4. S

    Has anyone taken off on top of a 50+ metre tall building before? A client is requesting that we do

    Hi everyone, A client has approached us with a job that would require taking off on top of a building that we're trying to get footage of, then flying out and away from the building while filming back towards us. I'm not sure how the rooftop would factor in terms of return to home working...