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  1. S

    USA Flying over people COA

    Has anyone here ever submitted an application for flying over people waiver? To the best of my knowledge CNN is the only company who has had one approved- or at least listed on the FFA's website. (Side note: Do they really list every approved request? I'd assume there would be more approved by...
  2. William Gaddy

    USA Question about Search and Rescue volunteering

    Hypothetical question: As a 107 Pilot with an extensive fleet of quadrotor and fixed wing UASs, let's say I wanted to inform my local state police barracks and local FD/Rescue units that my company stands ready to assist with our equipment and personnel with emergency search and rescue...
  3. Jim Z

    USA Section 333 / COA confusion!

    I just received my Section 333 and Blanket COA (after 6 months). I do not have a pilot’s license. Perhaps my questions have been addressed in previous posts, but I’ve spent a good deal of time searching, and found conflicting information. Can I legally operate commercially along with a...
  4. shooter505

    Airspace question...

    Is there anything to prevent a government agency from flying a quadcopter for a photographic mission (no profit gained) per "hobby" rules without having a COA in place?