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cold weather

  1. A

    Inspire 2 landing gear "Freezing" in cold conditions

    I've read about a possible firmware issue causing landing gear lockups. Personally I don't think I've seen this issue yet but what I have seen is the landing gear getting sluggish and then failing to respond when flying at freezing temperatures. I think the propwash may be chilling out the...
  2. ovisopa

    iPad Mini 2 huge problem in cold, battery drops very fast!

    Hello guys, is it only my iPad that drops the battery voltage very fast? like 2 flights with the TB48 , and the tablet battery reached 10% because outside was -5degrees C. Otherwise the tablet works great, while the temperatures ware positive I could fly way more, let's say a few hours (2+)...
  3. A

    Tutorial for using battery in extreme cold conditions

    Resource with professional pilots from DJI Studio talking about batteries usage in extreme cold conditions DJI Forum|Using batteries in the cold weather All we know that batteries used in DJIaircraft are Li-Po batteries. Li-Po stands for Lithium-Polymer, which means it allows us to withdraw a...