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  1. Aerials North

    Cold Weather Chaos

    Now before anyone says, it’s not rated for that kind of cold... we know. And in spite of that we have safely and legally flown all types of DJI in the cold for years. Here’s the deal though, we’re having more technical issues than ever before and some are directly related to last update (can no...
  2. breathein

    What is the lowest temperature you have successfully flown in?

    I am interested in what the lowest temperature people are able to fly their Inspire 1 without having any issues during flight.
  3. A

    Tutorial for using battery in extreme cold conditions

    Resource with professional pilots from DJI Studio talking about batteries usage in extreme cold conditions DJI Forum|Using batteries in the cold weather All we know that batteries used in DJIaircraft are Li-Po batteries. Li-Po stands for Lithium-Polymer, which means it allows us to withdraw a...