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color grading

  1. johnarooo

    Color Grading Inspire 2 X5S ProRes footage

    Hey All, I'm writing because I'm a bit frustrated with the coloring process and lack of information out there on grading footage from DJI and I could use some help... The footage I filmed and I'm working with was shot with my Inspire 2, X5S sensor, DJI 15mm f/1.7 in ProRes 422 HQ. Both the...
  2. ElectricLife

    Photography in motion

  3. ElectricLife

    Olimpus: Cinematic Aerial Drone Mountain Footage filmed in 6K

  4. visionaryaerials

    X7 Luts

    Does anyone have LUTS they have created or like for color grading on the X7 Dlog profile?