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  1. Flyboymedia

    Incredible close up results Gym video

    I worked on this with a local bodybuilder in Canada. We used the inspire 2 (X5S Olympus lens sets 25mm 45mm 15mm) to record many of the shots, testing out the stabilization, seeing how it performed on the ground. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed when compared to the gh5...
  2. RobH2

    Camera Test: Inspire2 X4 VS Mavic Platinum

    I tested my two drone cameras today. I wanted to compare my Inspire2 X4S and my Mavic Platinum. My backyard is a great subject because there are a lot of textures in close proximity, grass, wood grain, leaves, brick and then I added the printed page test target that had about 5 sizes of text...
  3. dronie

    Comparison video X5 vs. X5R

    I've had the X5 since launch, but as my friend bought the X5R we thought it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison video flying the two cameras under the same lighting conditions and inform you guys about the X5R workflow which is radically different from the X5. Specs: X5 - Oly...
  4. A

    Night Footage comparison between Osmo & GoPro 4 Black

    Just found a video comparing Osmo and GoPro's footage, unfortunately it's in Chinese DJI大疆社区|DJI OSMO VS GOPRO 4 Black 夜间成像对比测试-HeliPal.com GoPro 4 Black works better for Audio signal input Low light part detail Field of vision Osmo works better for Sharpness Color comparison Distortion
  5. A

    DJI Osmo Vs. Filmpower Roxor

    DJI Forum|DJI Osmo Vs. Filmpower Roxor
  6. AerialMediaPros

    New Features & RAW X5, X3, GH4 Footage Side-by-Side - Inspire 1 Pro

    AerialMediaPros posted a new video with all the new info about the Inspire 1 Pro and Zenmuse X5, in including side by side comparisons of raw X5, X3, Pansonic GH4 footage. What do you think about the performance of the X5 after seeing footage side by side?