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  1. P

    Compass Calibration

    Quote-Editor: 'Compass Calibration does not need to be done each flight either.' So I can be perfectly/confident & my thinking is correct on this matter. As I have been going to the one location often does that mean I don't need to Compass Calibrate my I1 on each occasion at that spot please...
  2. R

    wanted inspire 1 compass

    Hi everyone i have crashed my bird and need to replace the compass, contacted DJI and i was told that you only sell it with as part of flight controller set, does anyone has a spare compass for sale or direct me to where i can purchase one. Thanks
  3. L

    No signal

    Yesterday i had to fly at a wind power generator. First fly went good, but during the second I had NO SIGNAL on the GO app. I thought i lost control, but I could land manually. Switching on, off, changing batterys and restarting the tablet did not fix it. When I looked through the menues...