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  1. M

    Inspire 2 FPV camera broken - DJI RMA assistance NIGHTMARE

    Hello everybody, I've been owning an Inspire 2 for some time now (almost from the launch), and recently I experienced a strange behaviour with the FPV camera. I need to premise that I already returned the X5S for a vibration on the yaw axis, a TB50 battery for unbalance at 1 month and 11 charges...
  2. D

    Oh Dear! Inspire Pro (X5) vs P4P

    Hi guys, My Inspire Pro took it upon itself to ignore my commands completely and get itself tangled in a tree only to then fall 30 feet down to the concrete despite my best efforts to run towards it and catch it. The landing gear came down then it went into RTH state, started heading towards a...
  3. J

    Not maintaining altitude

    School boy error today. Didn't double check propellors. One flew off at about four feet up. Inspire Pro now unstable in air. Wobbles and drops altitude. What have I probably done and is there anything I can do to fix it apart from send it back for repair?
  4. G

    Gimbal Alignment X5

    Should one suspect gimbal damage or imperfection if the gimbal fails to balance in static mode (no power) with the factory DJI 15mm and lens hood, just as it comes from DJI? Or is the only test to power it up and see if it aligns correctly and shoots a stable video?