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  1. B

    Looking for California Enterprise Dealers

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a list of DJI Enterprise Dealers in California. My agency needs quotes. I have Advexure working on a quote already, but I need to find two more. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. ReesAerials

    Where to buy...

    I wanted to throw a very HUGE thank you to @Florida Drone Supply. I placed my order with AMP one month ago today. I ordered the Inspire 2 premium combo kit, largely because of their case, and several accessories (batteries, SSDStation, CINESSD, second remote). Being one month out from when I...
  3. C

    Contacting DJI

    Good morning! The company I work for is interested in becoming a dealer for DJI. Probably is we are having trouble contacting DJI. The paperwork for becoming a dealer was filled out in October and we have not heard anything back from them. I have emailed the numerous times for follow up and...