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  1. R

    PS4 Netflix/Games + DJI Goggles - Dr. Strange, Star Wars (Lego), TLUO, Naruto

    Hi all, I tried out the DJI Drone Goggles on the PS4. Unfortunately, the PS4 only has one HDMI cable so others can’t see what you’re looking at. No headtracking like with the drone as expected. Video quality is good, similar to a PS4 on TV from a decent sitting distance. The HDMI plug is behind...
  2. A

    Disney's Frozen Parody in real life...with the Inspire 1 XD

    Here is a real life parody video of "Let it go" (spanish version) from Frozen's Disney film. The video was recorded entirely with drones (Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 Pro models). Hope you like it XD