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dji battery

  1. D

    DJI TB 50 Batteries (where to buy)

    Hello all, after an extensive Google search and local drone shop search, has anyone found a place that sells TB50 batteries? These things are harder to see than Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster... I'm getting about 25 mins of flight in the cold up here in Finland but I would like to buy 4 more...
  2. M

    Full battery (T47) but wont power up Inspire [video]

    I got an Inspire from a friend and they bricked both batteries when updating the frimware. I was able to reset them and get them to charge. The T48 powers it up and works fine but the T47 will power it up for a second, beep, and then turn itself back off. The T47 will stay on when not...
  3. C

    Inspire 1 for $1200 OBO

    ****SOLD**** Hello - I am selling my Inspire 1 which I purchased from Drones Etc. last year. I live in San Diego, CA so a local buyer is preferred. If you're not local, you must pay for shipping. It's hardly been used; I'd have to check the flight logs but my best guess is that it has around...
  4. AeroVisionz

    Do I have genuine DJI batteries ?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if the TB48s that I bought are genuine. I bought them (3 units) from a local dealer in addition to a I1 V2. HealthyDrones does not report a 'Printed Serial' number but does have an 'Internal Serial' number for all 3. The TB47 that came with the drone has both numbers...