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dji inspire 1 raw

  1. F

    DJI Inspire 1 Raw + Fatshark Dominator HD2 Headtracking

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and the drones. I'm interessted into the Inspire 1 and Fatshark Dominator HD2 and the Headtracker. I was told that it's not possible to use the Headtracker Module with the Inspire 1s gimbal. But online I see videos of ppl using the gimbal with some goggles with...
  2. L

    Zenmuse X5R: Gamechanger

    DJI has been a little "hit or miss" lately, but the X5R looks to be a true game changer. After only using it for 20 minutes, it is clear that this is a huge step up from the X5. The image quality is simply stunning. Compared to the X5...it's day and night. This is the camera setup I have...