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dji inspire pro

  1. H

    Used Inspire Pro x5 Dual remote package

    Used Inspire Pro x5 package Asking $2,800 shipped. 2 controllers 1 TB47 and 2 TB48 batteries charger Lanyard 2 sets of props (4 used, 4 new sealed) **extras below also unless sold prior separately** 6 sets of 1345T Quick Release Props NIB 4 sets of Quick Release Install Kit NIB NO crashes...
  2. I

    Trying to make Roads look sexy. FAIL

    Trying to make a trunk road look sexy. Failed at trying to throw it down with DA kids. Shot with Inspire pro X5 15mm lens
  3. I

    Test shoot of the 14-42mm Lens Video.

    So was bad, and used the 14-42mm on a test shoot, The zoom pull wouldn't work as a cinematic shot, just wayyy too jumpy. Good for setups thought. has a zoom shot included Set up shots with zoom
  4. A


    We have new in box and ready to ship out today the DJI INSPIRE 1 PRO's. We have single TX and Two TX versions.
  5. dopeytree

    Maize harvest + unstable hover

    I met some funny farmers this afternoon & managed a few shots before the batteries died. Not a fan of these shorter flying times but the footage is looking better than the phantom that's for sure. Mixture of Auto & Aperture & fully Manual. 4k 24 fps. Normal colour mode. Little bit of colour...