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dji repair

  1. C

    Dji Inspire 1 Repairs Europe

    Hi, Can someone recommend me a place to repair my Dji Inspire 1 drone in Europe? Preferably someone who has used their services and has good experience overall with the repair.
  2. C

    Inspire 1 battery poped up and ofcourse crashed in tree

    Hi yep we did it, after flying my 3rd battery was around 60 m above ground when the battery popped up enough to disconnect ofcourse and have a complete unresponsive drone. All ive learned in this is simple, very poor design on battery locks thats why next time il fly after fixing the broken 1...
  3. G

    Dodgy Repair Quote

    Hi All, so after my first flight crash ( non pilot error ) from a What I now feel was a very dodgy second hand inspire 1v2. I got my camera and vibration board back repaired from DJI and did a test flight over the ocean even that went ok. So took said drone to beach for 4th ever flight a short...
  4. gfields

    DJI Repair Gouging?

    I sent the Inspire 2 back to DJI to see if they would fix the landing gear issue (not able to raise during flight). received an invoice today and they say they need to replace the same components they did in June. This doesn't seem right to me. They are charging me for the exact same things...