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dji repair

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    Dji Inspire 1 Repairs Europe

    Hi, Can someone recommend me a place to repair my Dji Inspire 1 drone in Europe? Preferably someone who has used their services and has good experience overall with the repair.
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    Inspire 1 battery poped up and ofcourse crashed in tree

    Hi yep we did it, after flying my 3rd battery was around 60 m above ground when the battery popped up enough to disconnect ofcourse and have a complete unresponsive drone. All ive learned in this is simple, very poor design on battery locks thats why next time il fly after fixing the broken 1...
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    Dodgy Repair Quote

    Hi All, so after my first flight crash ( non pilot error ) from a What I now feel was a very dodgy second hand inspire 1v2. I got my camera and vibration board back repaired from DJI and did a test flight over the ocean even that went ok. So took said drone to beach for 4th ever flight a short...