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dji x5

  1. 1

    Selling: X5, DJI 15mm, Olympus 45mm

    Prices in US dollars please Free Shipping to Con US will be from Southern California Selling a X5 Micro 4/3rds camera - $800 DJI 15mm f1.7 lens - SOLD (Includes lens hood, balancing ring & rubber barrel sleeve) Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens - $225 All 3 items are in mint condition Venmo or PayPal...
  2. L

    Cant lock SD card in my Zenmuse X5 :(

    The SD card wont stay down in my X5 cam... any sugestions to it ??
  3. jenzeee

    Wanted: Zenmuse X5 camera, no lens

    Looking for a Zenmuse X5 camera, no lens. Please PM your best possible offer please. Pick-up preferred. Located in Greater Los Angeles.
  4. O

    FS: DJI X5 with lens

    Hi, I upgrade to X5R, so my X5 with DJI kit lens is for sale. I purchased Inspire PRO in February, but sent it to DJI Germany Repair Center in October due to image transmission problem. My both RC’s and the X5 was replaced with new unit, so it is 3 month old, used only few times (works...
  5. S

    FS: DJI X5 Gimbal with DJI 15mm lens

    Selling my DJI X5 gimbal / lens combo. Approximately 15 flights on it never crashed. This was pulled from an Inspire 1 Pro $1500 pay pal'd and shipped. Steven [email protected]
  6. X

    DJI X5 Gimbal only

    Hi, I'm a selling a like-new DJI Zenmuse X5 camera/gimbal (does not include lens). This was flown only a handful of times and is in excellent condition. Works perfect and updated to latest firmware. Comes with original box. Note: Camera/Gimbal does NOT include lens as pictured, only shown for...
  7. dopeytree

    X5 iso test 100 - 25600

    Shot these today nothing too technical but it's fairly low light in my lounge. Images are 100% crop from center. Exported in lightroom. Lightroom defaults 25 colour noise reduction but 0 luminence noise reduction. These results are pretty impressive. Looks good in video too! I'll try out some...
  8. ph_intheair

    DJI Inspire 1 Micro Four Thirds Reel Video

    Had a chance to work with the new micro four thirds camera last month to contribute some shots to the release video. We put together a 4k edit of our favourite shots from our backyard in Squamish, BC - Only had a few days with it and I can't wait to get it back in the air. Enjoy!