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dji zenmuse x3 gimbal repair

  1. C

    Inspire 1 battery poped up and ofcourse crashed in tree

    Hi yep we did it, after flying my 3rd battery was around 60 m above ground when the battery popped up enough to disconnect ofcourse and have a complete unresponsive drone. All ive learned in this is simple, very poor design on battery locks thats why next time il fly after fixing the broken 1...
  2. Linuxglobal

    HOW TO: Calibrate Zenmuse X3 gimbal - guide

    Hi Guys, A little summary from my weekend, decided to craft up a how to guide on fixing your crashed or out of sync gimbals. If you guys have a gimbal that will not power up or acts up, this how to may help you. MODS please move to appropriate area if this discussion is in the wrong place...