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  1. S

    Help with I2 with X7

    I just recently bought a used Inspire 2 with the X7 and the 16mm lens. Pretty good deal from what I could tell, although a bit of a mixup trying to figure out charging since the guy lost the cord for the battery hub, it was interesting to say the least. Haven't been able to charge it since I'm...
  2. visionaryaerials

    X7 Luts

    Does anyone have LUTS they have created or like for color grading on the X7 Dlog profile?
  3. R

    Zebras only function at 400 ISO?

    So I noticed something interesting while doing so exposure tests that in DLog the zebras only seem to function at 400 ISO. Example: If I am (for sake of argument) at 200 ISO at a 50th and an f11, that I can open up my Fstop till the screen becomes white (2.8) without sign of a single zebra bar...
  4. CP Anson

    Exploring X5S, Oly 12mm, DLog, ProRes 5280x2160 422HQ

    Like many of you I am learning and exploring the X5S with DLog. I shot this using an Olympus 12mm f2 lens, shot it in DLog, ProRes 422HQ @ 5280x2160. I used Davinci Resolve 14 Beta 3. For uploading to YouTube I set it to 422LT in 5280x2160. The camera settings: - style settings were: -3,-3,-3 -...
  5. W

    X5 - None or D-LOG?

    Are you shooting in None or D-LOG--assuming color grading will be applied. If none, what settings?
  6. dronie

    Focus issues with video DLOG/CINE - out of focus. VIDEO

    Focus issues with your X5? I have calibrated my lens (Oly 12mm) over and over and checked focus is ok when shooting photos. But as soon as you shoot video in DLOG or CINE, something weird happens. Attached is a JPG (f/6.3) - close, but not the sharpest aperture but serves the purpose here -...