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    Sold - Inspire 2, ProRes & DNG 5k, X5s, 45mm, 17mm, TB50's

    $4,400 OBO DJI Inspire 2 with low hours and ProRes and DNG licenses. This is my backup drone and I need to make room for an Alta. Includes 4 sets of TB50's (8 batts), standard DJI quad charger, extra props, OEM controller, DJI X5s gimbal/camera, Olympus 45mm brand new lens and a DJI 17mm. All...
  2. B

    X4S DNG Write speeds

    Hi guys. Anyone else getting EXTREMELY SLOW write speeds when shooting DNG image files on the X4S??? I'm using a Sandisk Ultra 64G Micro SD card; it's a good one, so it shouldn't be a card issue. I'm doing architectural shots, no burst shooting whatsoever, but I'll press the shutter button and...
  3. N

    WTB: Inspire 2 package

    Hi there :) I'm pretty excited to have found this forum. Haven't joined a forum in years, but since I am getting more into aerial cinematography, I figured this would be a great move. I'm currently looking to purchase an Inspire 2 + X5S package, preferably with the Prores and DNG licenses. I...
  4. W

    Flat RAW / DNG files from X5S (still photography)

    Hi everyone, I have read the thread below from "Pandion" but have a slightly different issue with the DNG files. I appreciate that we are talking RAW / DNG files, but when converting with either Adobe PS cc or Lightroom, the unedited RAW is very flat with no saturation or depth. I am a...
  5. F

    Inspire 2 DNG sample still files

    Hi everyone, I based in Tuscany, and I produce Landscapes images. www.tuscanylandscapes.com I'd like to buy a Inspire 2, with X5S camera. I read a lot of forum, but I didn't find any sample files about Still photo made in DNG original files. I'd like so much see/check the image output...