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drones in racing

  1. D

    Inspire 1 VS Phantom 4/ 4 Pro

    Hello everyone. I am looking to buy my first drone. I do have experience flying drones a little bit and I am stuck on what I should buy. I have narrowed it down to the Inspire 1 vs the Phantom 4 Vs Phantom 4 Pro. Im getting more and more into film, making videos and the cinemagraphic shots...
  2. Advexure

    Any NASCAR fans? - Advexure NASCAR & Aerials - Drone usage in racing

    Any NASCAR Xfinity series watchers/fans here? If you watched the race you today on NBC may have spotted something familiar, Advexure was a proud sponsor of the #20 car driven by James Davison. :) Our team also provided a few of the establishing shots used pre-race showing Road America and...