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  1. P

    Inspire 1 airframe for sale

    Hi Guys, I have my Inspire 1 airframe for sale on eBay. Damaged but very little used. The ad finishes this Sunday if anyone is interested. It is currently up at £250.00 with a bid on it. It is located in Leeds, UK but i will post throughout the UK. DJI INSPIRE 1, VER: 1 DRONE - AIR FRAME ONLY...
  2. highground

    Osmo Case for Sale

    Hi guys, I've got an Osmo case with strap for sale on eBay. New condition. Used it ounce then got an X5 camera that won't fit in it. $9 is minimum with $9 shipping.
  3. AlexanderAF

    Inspire 1 Crashed

    It's a sad day for me. After a year and over 200 flights, my Inspire 1 finally bit the dust. I flew it in the mountains and went behind a peak. It lost signal, turned around, and went right into the peak trying to return to its owner. I've listed the Inspire 1 for parts here: DJI Inspire 1 For...
  4. J

    DJI official store on ebay

    I ordered my X5 from dji.com directly and was slammed with $35 foreign transaction fee by my credit card. It was my ignorance really, I was under the impression that the fee would only be charged if a currency conversion needs to occur, but I was charged the fee because DJI is based in Hong...