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  1. L

    New to flying, old to film editing !!!

    Hi All, Bit of a career shift. Just qualified commercially as a UAV pilot, but Im going to keep my toe in the water on the editing side. That said, if any of you pilots need any assistance in the editing of any of your projects, please let me know. Ive been editing and teaching for over 30...
  2. steve Reed

    4k Editing hardware for smooth, fast edits.

    I am interested in knowing what you think is minimum, maximum, useful, useless hardware for editing 4K video. I have a PC 16gb ram, Internal 7200 rpm hd, USB 3 external 2 tb drives, I7 processor, desktop, 27" RGB monitor, good video card w 2 mb ram not a $59 nor a $1,200 card but some where in...