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esc failures

  1. Tq2Jetman

    Simple Bench Test for Inspire 1 ESC/Motor Assemblies?

    I have read many posts here about ESC errors and DJI Inspire 1 ESC/Motor issues. What I have not come across is a simple bench test one can do on removed ESC/Motor assemblies. Ie: I have a qty of ESC/Motor assemblies but want to know if they are serviceable before I go through the process of...
  2. Tq2Jetman

    Preventative Maintenance - A networking idea

    I am relatively new (about 9 months) into Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) but I have been around aircraft in maintenance related matters since 1965 (Yes 51 years). I live in Perth, Western Australia. Purchased my Inspire 1 Pro a few weeks ago now. Had P3 since July 2015. The thought of losing...