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  1. J

    DJI Inspire 1Pro Zenmuse X5 DUAL RC - XMAS Sale! EUROPE / AUSTRIA

    English below: Wir verkaufen wegen geplantem Modellwechsel unseren Liebling mit sehr viel Zubehör um EUR 4.990,- !! 11 Monate alt / 21 Flugstunden / 3 Zusatzakkus TB48 (5700mAh),... und viele tolle Zubehörteile mehr! Details bei seriöser Anfrage! We sell our favorite with a lot of accessories...
  2. Drones de Puerto Rico

    Hi from the beautiful paradise island "Puerto Rico"

    If you think some day come on vacation to Puerto Rico, first drone and then load your luggage. Beautiful beaches and exotic places for your videos. Francisco Drones de Puerto Rico
  3. T

    Inspire 1 T600 vs T601 SOLVED - EUROPE CHILL OUT PLEASE

    Ok, so here is where there is a BIG misconception on the issue between the variance of Inspire 1s. We have T600, possibly T600-D and also T601. DJI Europe denies the existence of T601 in the European market, because this is TRUE HERE IS A PARTIALLY COMPLETE EXPLANATION The issue is DJI's lack...
  4. U

    Your experience of DJI Support??

    Having recently had a big bill for a crash at low altitude and speed. After they had the Inspire 1 for several weeks I've seen conflicting information from across the world on which continent gets the best support. In Europe we seem to get royally SHAFTED by our Chinese friends. While in the US...