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  1. G

    Dodgy Repair Quote

    Hi All, so after my first flight crash ( non pilot error ) from a What I now feel was a very dodgy second hand inspire 1v2. I got my camera and vibration board back repaired from DJI and did a test flight over the ocean even that went ok. So took said drone to beach for 4th ever flight a short...
  2. skyfilmic

    Cinessd Issue, stuck on CinemaDNG

    Hello, my Inspire 2 got stuck on Cinemadng, I have only Prores License but can't choose it, can't format the drive. Tried 0.100 and 0.200 firmware, two different ssd's, crystalsky, apple device didn't work. I need it for the upcoming shootings.. Here are the screenshots and a quick video...
  3. M

    Inspire 1 V2 Multi-charger failure

    We got the multi-charger 6 months ago and it worked fine, but in the last couple of months it only charges 1 battery then stops. We have 3 TB47s and one TB48. It doesn't seem to matter which combination of batteries are attached, nor how many (at least two!). It charges one, then stops. We have...
  4. VAP

    Inspire lost at sea

    Experienced a sudden loss of video signal on DJI inspire 1 over the water. The app screen went blank along with no GPS data. Never seen this kind of failure before. VLOS could not be maintained as it was into the sun. Fail-safe RTH did not return it. The Inspire 1 was lost at sea. The flight log...