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  1. S

    Parrot Sequoia+ Sensor For Sale - $4,000

    Hello, Im currently selling a Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Sensor (Plus version) for $4,000 USD. It is in excellent condition, basically new as only been used maximum twice. It also comes with all the accessories, which includes: 1 Multispectral sensor 1 Sunshine sensor 1 Calibration Target 1...
  2. A

    Parrot Sequoia for sale - Brand New

    I recently purchased this sensor for an Agri-Drone startup business. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will no longer be continuing with the venture. This device has never been used and its brand new. All trial software licenses that come the device are unused. Purchase brand new for $5,000...
  3. I

    Inspire 1 Pro Harvest shoot in 4K

    Filming Last week-end for some Combine-harvesters. Inspire 1 pro with 15mm lens. Also used the Osmo with the x3 camera (what a great piece of kit!) ikopta Drone filming Harvest in 4K
  4. Orchard


    Puffy clouds rolled in and put the damper on collecting NDVI crop stress imagery. So, I made the most of the situation and popped on my RGB camera (a Zenmuse X3) to capture a quick flight over some poppin' fresh alfalfa in the Klamath Basin of southern Oregon. Unedited video. I will make it a...
  5. Orchard

    Preparing to plant rice 1.1

    I've been busy mapping crops lately, but now finally have some time to work on posting some videos. Since this video was shot, the fields have been flooded and the rice plants are about a foot tall. Shot with a Zenmuse X3. Thanks for watching!