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  1. H

    Beautiful island of Maui Shot on Inspire 2

    Hey everyone! Just recently finished our newest Maui video! Check it out! Thanks again for all the input on great locations!
  2. N

    Inspire 2 Pilots Needed for FILM SHOOT

    Hi there, Looking for Inspire 2 pilots in the NYC-area for an upcoming film shoot this summer. This is an action film that will be shooting over the course of two weeks in and around the NYC area. Looking for at least 2 skilled drone teams that can pull off beautiful/cinematic shots. If...
  3. I

    Test shoot of the 14-42mm Lens Video.

    So was bad, and used the 14-42mm on a test shoot, The zoom pull wouldn't work as a cinematic shot, just wayyy too jumpy. Good for setups thought. has a zoom shot included Set up shots with zoom
  4. DroneCaddyApp

    New app for golfers help drone owners make side cash

    New app for golfers help drone owners make some side cash So you own a drone like many of us here on the forum. How do you turn all those practice hours into some recurring revenue? Depending on what you fly there might be the opportunity to make some cash. DroneCaddyApp is a start up that...