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  1. kj_willems

    2nd Controller Firmware N/A.

    I have a second controller that I bought with the Inspire 1. Since the beginning i can't connect the second controller, tried upgrading it with all the systems available but still doesn't help. When trying to downgrade the firmware it tells me that the firmware is not available! (See Picture)...
  2. K

    Firmware Upgrade Steps

    I have a band new Inspire 1 and need to update the firmware. I have looked at the instructions in the user manual, and as simple as they seem, I don't fully understand. I've downloaded the WM610_FW_V01.05.00.30.bin file to my computer. The instructions say to extract the files to the SD card...
  3. M

    Can´t Upgrade Firmware

    Hello I´m trying to upgrade the firmware on Inspire 1 Pro currently is on the RC I get a message to upgrade the camera and battery firmware, I´ve tried to install the 1.3 or 1.4 versions but nothing happens, I´m using a SD card following all the instructions (put the file on the root...