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  1. R

    New Firmware then Full IMU, Compass and VPS Calibration?

    So I was over on the DJI forums looking for answer regarding the new DLog curves (never got an answer) but while I was reading through it seemed like everybody was lementing the fact that they were having trouble figuring out how to calibrate the VPS as if it we a manditory process. The...
  2. I

    Inspire 1 Pro Firmware Nightmare v. & Craft crash

    So After the 1.9 firmware upgrade, all was ok, had a warning about sensor, and it rose once, but landed ok. I changed battery, it shot the job ok. That was last week. Until this morning. Weather has been shocking. Great day today, so got up early, check the craft software etc. Checked the IMU...
  3. Mr Phantom

    OSMO shows firmware

    I noticed that my OSMO handle with the Inspire 1 X3 camera/gimbal shows firmware version and it doesn't prompt me to update.............................. EDIT: It seems i have found the answer to my question, this firmware is the first firmware. But i still don't understand why it...