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firmware issue

  1. B

    Inspire 1 x5 limp gimbal

    I recently purchased a inspire 1 with an x5 and x3. When powering on the ac the gimbal attempts to spin for a second then goes limp. There is also no live feed in the dji go app. I have attempted to download the firmware (Inspire 1 Pro Firmware installed on a freshly formatted micro...
  2. M

    Firmware out of sync, No video transmition signal. Need Advice!!

    Hello! About a year ago I ran into issues upgrading firmware. After update and then further troubleshooting, the camera gave error “No Video Transmission Signal...” and screen is black (like I’ve seen others describe in this forum in the past). All other functions seem to work just fine...
  3. M

    Firmware update going on and on

    hi, I installed the SD card with the latest update into the X5 to update the bird and camera. It’s says about 30 minutes. It’s been over 45. Is this common?? Thanks
  4. M

    Remote/app issue please HELP?

    I have a NVIDIA Shield tablet that isn’t connecting the DJI go app to the remote. Never had a problem over the last 1.5 years. I tried switching chords and that worked and then it didn’t. On top of that, the remote firmware upgrade stopped at 97%, now I have a white light on the transmitter...
  5. A

    Drone drastically dipping when flying forward 2-3 meters off the ground

    I had a last minute job today doing a following shot behind a car, I upgraded to the new firmware update two days ago and shot on my own to test it with no problems also unknowing I would have this shoot today. During my the shoot today I would set the camera height and follow the car (only 1/4...
  6. K

    Problems With Inspire 1 v1 upgrading to X5. Firmware bug?

    Hey. Just purchased the Zenmuse X5 camera used. The camera shows firmware and the aircraft shows version, but the camera will not take the update version via SD card to link the AI and the Camera so it will become an "Inspire PRO".. I put the SD card in the...
  7. Roconnor

    No Status Light (green)

    Anyone have an issue where the x5 status light stops working, but everything else works just fine? Was wondering if it was a possible setting to toggle. Hoping its not a burned out LED.