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  1. OSullivanStudios

    Intermittent Flash on Video on the SSD but not recorded to the micro SD card

    There is an intermittent flash that happens on the video files recorded to the SSD that are not recorded to the SD files. I have tried to shoot in automatic, manual, different frame rates, different SSD drives but I can't seam to resolve the issue and DJI is not helping. Has anyone ever hear...
  2. W

    X5R Flicker

    Hi All I have seen some people on the forum discussing flickering in the picture of the X5R, but all seem to be referencing an issue with the post production side of things and Adobe Cinema RAW. Well my X5R definitely flickers when filming, when in full Manual mode, shooting daylight (so no...
  3. L

    X5R Flickering...Uh Oh

    Anyone else experienced it yet? ISO 100 looking at the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Will post a video shortly. Say it ain't so...it's pretty bad. X5 bad.