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flight records

  1. G


    Hello Videos and forums seem to indicate that the DJI go flight records should also include the time as well as date. Unfortunately the time just isn't showing in my flight records for the inspire one pro. I feel i must be ignoring something incredibly stupid and obvious, but still I don't...
  2. BoxerJaxman

    Flight Record Size

    Hopefully a simple question, I couldn't find any other thread about this issue but happy to remove if this is answered elsewhere... My usual flight record .txt file size is under a couple of MB. Lately the .txt sizes are 20+ MB which are too big to sync or upload to Airdata (Healthydrones)...
  3. F

    What does DJI do with DAT Files / Flight Logs ?

    Hello, I've figured out how to download .DAT files and analyze them with DatCon. I also know how to download the Flight Logs off of the DJI Go app using iTunes (I'm operating iOS). In the DJI Go app there is a button in the user section that seems to "sync your flight records" to the cloud...
  4. R

    downloading flight records

    Anyone give me some advice on downloading flight records with no 3rd party involvement?