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flight time

  1. L

    Flight Logbook, what to use?

    Good evening everyone, Hopefully the cold weather hasn't held too many of us up too much. And thanks again for those who posted advice regarding battery depletion. I have been a commercial UAV pilot for 18 months now and have been using a standard notebook for a flight time logbook (I did use...
  2. A

    Flight Times at High Altitude

    Hi Folks, We have a potential client who is in Santiago in Chile and he is asking how the performance is affected by altitude. His altitude is typically about 3000m, therefore can anyone on this forum who lives or has had experience of flying at higher altitude please advise on the typical...
  3. breathein

    What is the lowest temperature you have successfully flown in?

    I am interested in what the lowest temperature people are able to fly their Inspire 1 without having any issues during flight.