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  1. Droning Community

    Inspire 2 in the Rain

    I've not really found to much on peoples experiences with the Inspire 2 in rainy conditions. I recognize rain flights need to be avoided, but I still would like to know its capabilities. Pop-up showers have caught me off guard once or twice with my Phantom 4, which fared well for the five...
  2. J

    Vertical speed slow?!

    When I first started flying my inspire it had a vertical speed of around 11-12 mph. I never noticed until today, but now it's only getting 6 to 7 mph. Anyone have any idea why? Also, when I take off full speed the aircraft doesn't seem to want to fly straight. This seems to be worse in...
  3. breathein

    What is the lowest temperature you have successfully flown in?

    I am interested in what the lowest temperature people are able to fly their Inspire 1 without having any issues during flight.
  4. UgCS

    DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 are now supported in UgCS

    We are glad to announce that DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 are now supported in UgCS desktop mission planning software. This works through our Android app UgCS for DJI available now on Google Play. The app connects to DJI Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 remote the same way DJI native app does. What is...
  5. H

    Intelligent Navigation Modes

    So I have the new firmware installed without a hitch and the DJI GO App also did its update and I can not find anywhere in the app that has any of these icons shown in the overview. Can anyone clue me in to what I am missing? The Era of Intelligent Flight is Now | DJI