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  1. lake_flyer

    Another 'Evening with floats'

    Another 'Evening with Floats'. Tonight I had just half an hour before the sun would set, again waiting for folks to clear the beach behind my house. Such a beautiful evening. I needed some shots to test a cinematic score I composed and recorded yesterday night (couldn't sleep before I recorded...
  2. lake_flyer

    Testing Inspire1 floats for water take off and landings

    My son was a kind of shaky with the smartphone camera. And it was getting dark quickly after the beach finally got deserted by the sunbathers. But it gives a good idea of how it floats and flies. Quite good. But honestly, I would want a slightly wider diameter float for more buoyancy, when the...
  3. Soflms

    For the guys/girls that fly over water

    I'm ordering a few of these... People use the getterback, but for around the same price I don't see how this wouldn't be a far superior product. I am NOT affiliated with this company. I've also heard some of the getterbacks dont ever pop, not trying to bash the product, just informing everyone...