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fly away

  1. We Talk UAV

    Return to Home Technology: Great Idea or a Drone Killer?

    Return to Home has been the saving grace of some and the ire of others. It can be the lifeline of saving your drone and is associated with your GPS. It was also misunderstood feature as many early pilots did not realize that the aircraft would reach a specific height and did not take that into...
  2. D

    Pix4d Range Issues

    I am new to Pix4d. Just wondering if anyone has experienced any fly aways or any strange errors occurring while using pix4d and an inspire. I was told that the transmitter range is much much shorter than a standard flight with an inspire. Any intel would be greatly appreciated!

    Geofencing to prevent flyways?

    Just curious if there are any really smart folks out there who might have come up with a way to program in a geofence to prevent flyaways. In other words, you could create a "bubble" around your immediate flight area that has both altitude and distance restrictions. If the platform takes off on...
  4. E

    Just a question about the inspire 1

    I purchased an inspire 1 last May. The drone flew wonderfully. One day it was up in the air and was flying around in a circle. Yes I did all of my pre flight tests and worked out perfectly. I was able to gain control but the drone decided to fly in ATTI mode all by itself. My question for anyone...