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  1. J

    X5R camera movement sticking on pans

    Hi Gang, New problem with the Inspire X5R. we are doing testing today because we have not flown in a month. Went to turn the gimbal and every 45 degrees or so it sticks making the footage not smooth in it's movements. It sticks over and over. I disconnect the camera and reinstall it to the...
  2. S

    Super noisy D-Log after v1.4.0.70 update?

    I shot a beautiful sunset tonight and after reviewing the footage I am quite disappointed. The footage is very noise, even though I was ETTR (Exposing To The Right). The footage is much sharper than before but it honestly looks like garbage. I really worry now that this won't be usable unless...
  3. T

    X5 Sample Footage

    Hello to all, could someone tell me where can I download a video shot with X5. I'm looking for the original video, not the compressed youtube or vimeo. I tried searching but could not find anything. Can anyone help me? It would help a video where there is a lot of detail, so the vegetation...
  4. S

    Osmo in Low Light Footage Test

    Here is a recent video that I did from our visit to Toronto's Distillery District. Not a pro at all just hacking together some clips captures with the Osmo. Still getting the hand of things, but I thought it came out good.
  5. A

    DJI OSMO @ 1080/60 Night Footages

    DJI Forum|DJI OSMO @ 1080/60 Night Footages
  6. World Media

    Urgent Firework Footage Needed

    Hi All fellow Pilots. I was asked to help a community by filming their November 5th free of charge in order to help them raise funds for future Bonfire Night displays, the council cut funding and they have missed the last two years! Unfortunately conditions on the night meant that I had to take...
  7. A

    Night Footage comparison between Osmo & GoPro 4 Black

    Just found a video comparing Osmo and GoPro's footage, unfortunately it's in Chinese DJI大疆社区|DJI OSMO VS GOPRO 4 Black 夜间成像对比测试-HeliPal.com GoPro 4 Black works better for Audio signal input Low light part detail Field of vision Osmo works better for Sharpness Color comparison Distortion
  8. A

    Osmo seems woking fine on Rollercoaster

    DJI Forum|DJI Osmo on a ROLLERCOASTER!! Btw, how may I get the link of the video's link to place it here directly, i tried to click logo and get to the original page, but didn't work