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  1. skyfilmic

    Cinessd Issue, stuck on CinemaDNG

    Hello, my Inspire 2 got stuck on Cinemadng, I have only Prores License but can't choose it, can't format the drive. Tried 0.100 and 0.200 firmware, two different ssd's, crystalsky, apple device didn't work. I need it for the upcoming shootings.. Here are the screenshots and a quick video...
  2. C

    Micro SD Error, Formatting Problem - Inspire 1 Pro; X5

    Hello. I've searched for this and haven't found a thread with this exact issue so hopefully this isn't a duplicate. I have had this happen several times but inconsistently. I will boot up the Inspire and either get a "No Image Transmission" error (I can see all other data and fly the drone...
  3. Kestrel

    X5R Inspire 1 RAW benefits re RAW on other platform?

    Hello, New member here. I'm contemplating purchasing an Inspire 1 Raw with X5R camera. I'm curious, all these drones can shoot RAW, what makes this rig different (in terms of its RAW benefits). FWIW, I understand the benefits of RAW in general so don't need help there, I'm curious...
  4. K

    h.264 vs h.265 - Realistic differences

    From what I have researched so far, the major improvement between h.264 and h.265 is the greater efficiency by which the same level of detail from a h.264 video is 40-50% smaller in file size when recorded in h.265. Simple enough - file sizes will decrease whilst maintaining image quality or...