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  1. R

    My Compilation: X5R Showreel

    Hello Pilots, I´m new here and like the Forum! I´m in a German Community as well but I prefer the international touch here. I´m a Filmmaker who is also in the air for a few years. Here is my first Showreel. Hope you like it! Best Regards, Dirk
  2. David Lerrick

    Hello from South Germany

    Hello everyone, Glad to become a part of the community and hope to get to know people from all over the place. Since early 2017 i fly an Inspire 2 for film production purposes and am all in all very happy with the system. Have a nice day and happy flying! Dave
  3. F

    Landschaftspark - Duisburg Germany

    Just posted some new content. Do tou like it?
  4. A

    Fying in Germany

    Hi guys I have my PFAW and public liability insurance in the uk. I have been asked to do a Job flying in germany and was wondering if anyone knows if the CAA PFAW will be enough for me to get permission to fly in germany? I.e I wont need to gain a license from garman aviation authority? Any...
  5. R

    Newland - Inspire 1 and filmmaking - Maiden Flight and Cut - Germany

    Hi Copterfriends, just got my new Inspire a couple days ago, btw. my 1st copter. After getting an insurance (required in Germany) real quick i went outside to shoot my 1st videos. Also had to get into video editing, never used FinalCut before, but flying is so much fun also found interest in...