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  1. S

    Fully Loaded S900/GH4 Kit For Sale - UK Only

    Selling my S900 kit for £5995 or nearest offer - Cost over £8000 new... • DJI SPREADWINGS S900 - WKM - ZENMUSE Z15 (fitted with Boscam Thunderbolt 2000mw x2) • DJI GROUNDSTATION • IOSD 2 • FUTABA 14SG • FUTABA T8J • 1600Mah 6S Batteries (X3) • 10" Monitor (X2) • CELLPRO 6, 1200W DC Battery...
  2. AerialMediaPros

    New Features & RAW X5, X3, GH4 Footage Side-by-Side - Inspire 1 Pro

    AerialMediaPros posted a new video with all the new info about the Inspire 1 Pro and Zenmuse X5, in including side by side comparisons of raw X5, X3, Pansonic GH4 footage. What do you think about the performance of the X5 after seeing footage side by side?
  3. AlexanderAF

    [21 Min] The Journey To Gold Rose Mine

    I followed my dad and uncle out to my Grandpa's old gold mine from 60 years ago. My dad and uncle were 6 and 8 years old at the time and lived, and worked, on the mine with their dad in 1956. This was filmed with a Panasonic G7, a Hero 4, and the Inspire 1. To cut to the Inspire 1 segments...