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gimbal pan

  1. MrTVR

    Gimbal pan using LH wheel only works in gimbal free mode

    For a single person flight, the ability to tilt and pan the camera gimbal using the left-hand thumb wheel on the Inspire 1 was invaluable for creating smooth and controlled camera movements. For the I2, the pan option only works when the gimbal is set to 'free' and does nothing when the gimbal...
  2. Raymondo

    Australia DJI Go v3.00 C1 and C2 mapping

    having installed do go 3 on my slave controller, I have confirmed that we can no longer assign gimbal tilt/pan toggle to C2 switch for the LH rotating control. As that is so. How is solo operation of the Inspire Pro any different to a Phantom 3? (apart from a better camera) What is the point...