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  1. M

    New to inspire some problems

    Hello all, Firstly I'm new to flying the dji inspire one and so far I haven't been able to take off for two reasons Firstly It is asking for an update so following the online guide I put the bin file onto an sd card and put it into the gimble, the gimble goes limp ( see second problem for...
  2. C

    1.9 FW update, camera not moving

    I've put In the new 1.9.... FW in and after doing so I can't get the gimbal to move but only like a half in to the right and to the left. I've downgraded back to 1.8 and back up to 1.9 and still having the same trouble. Thanks a bunch, Calvin
  3. Z

    For Sale: X3 Gimble and Camera (broken ribbon cable)

    I was disassembling my camera to paint the housing and tore one of the ribbon cables inside. Didn't have time to hunt for parts to repair on my own so I bought a new one. Hoping to sell this one. The gimble is still in excellent condition as well as the camera besides the ribbon cable. It's...
  4. U

    Third Party Gimble Camera's

    With the recent DJi release of the high end Zenmuse X5 and X5R I'm wondering if there is any developers working on cameras for us action fans who've been using the Go Pro models? I'm after a high speed HD camera with 120+ fps and an optical zoom that will fit on the Inspire 1, ideally as a swap...