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  1. William Gaddy

    Flight planning tools for maintaining VLOS

    ...Wanted to share some things I learned recently. So I have this very ambitious flight plan: So while this flightplan is for a high-speed run (80 km/h) with a Parrot Disco, this applies just as much to DJI Inspire VLOS flight planning in areas with trees or buildings as potential VLOS...
  2. R

    Inspire Video in Esri ArcMap

    A lot of our customers come to us asking - How do I get DJI Video into Esri ArcMap GIS software? Hopefully this blog post will help some others out: Remote Geo Blog : How to Put Drone Videos into Esri ArcMap Using the Remote Geo LineVision Add-In
  3. P

    Photogrammetry tutorial: converting drone video to georeferenced 3D model

    Nowadays, amateur drones have an amazing range of applications. You may wonder: “Can I use my drone for photogrammetry?” and the answer is “Yes”. In this tutorial, you will create a georeferenced and measurable 3D model, using YouTube video captured by DJI Inspire 1 using Agisoft PhotoScan and...