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golf course

  1. marsmock

    Shooting 18 holes of golf - Inspire 1

    So I have to shoot every hole of an 18 hole golf course Sat/Sun. Test flew today and I have to say it's trickier than I thought. Here is my question. Can you implement the way points AND point of interest at the same time? Meaning can I place my way points from tee box to green then place my...
  2. G

    flying a golf course

    Hi: I was asked today to fly approx 450 yards in a straight line over a golf course. I have never flown my drone this distance and found it very difficult to keep the drone in sight, keep it straight, maintain its height and keep away from trees. I also found it hard to control both direction...
  3. GizaDog

    Hot Balloons Flying Alone Golf Course in Califorina

    I have the amazing luxury of Hot Air Balloons flying over my area just about every day. I finally got to capture one floating along one of the golf courses near my home. Enjoy!