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good spin on drones

  1. ireyes96

    WTB: Zenmuse x5 used, but great condition

    hello, i am a chilean guy that is starting a litle aereal filming company, and i want an x5 for my inspire, my sister is living in london, so it will be great to buy an x5, uk located, cause i will be travelling to the UK in a couple of weeks. PM me if you have a good offer for me, i can pay on...
  2. onthewave

    DRONE ANIMATED SERIES good spin on Drones UAVS

    Checkout this funny new show on Drones/UAVs basically a light side humor oriented animation series called Bad Drone. This show was created to bring a funny side, good picture and interpretation of UAVs and Drones and to counter all the ridiculous poor press targeting drones/uavs in generalA...